Shows: The Flaming Lips

by Jennifer Murtha

For years I’ve been dying to see the Flaming Lips live and finally this week that wish came true. Crammed into a photo pit with too many other photographers Wayne Coyne stepped onto the stage before the show to give a few pre-show announcements. Warnings about the Space Bubbles brief appearance due to the venue having seats and instructions on how to handle the bands use of high powered strobe lights were delivered with a lot of love to make sure everyone would have a good time. Then the music started… Confetti cannons went off… Huge balloons filled the stage… Controlled chaos began.

Trying to plan ahead I brought a mono-pod to hold my camera up high to get crowd shots. This seemed like an awesome idea until multiple balloons were kicked into my camera as I held it a few feet above my head. It did yield some okay results but the lighting of the venue and where I was standing were not working to my advantage. However seeing the joy of the crowd and the huge smile on Coyne’s face it was impossible to not enjoy the moment.

After his brief jaunt through the audience in the Space Bubble, Coyne made it back to the stage grabbing his bull horn and running around popping balloons, shooting a small confetti cannon and throwing more balloons out into the crowd. The band and his vocals sounded amazing even though there was so much going on around them. Two sets of dancers were also on stage in Wizard of Oz themed apparel.

Only getting to shoot the typical first three songs left me wishing that I could stay the whole show even just as a spectator. Friends told me of the amazing things that happened after we left and I’m hoping to sometime in the future get a chance to photograph them again and this time maybe the whole show.

The Fear
Worm Mountain
She Don’t Use Jelly
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (pt. 1)
Is David Bowie Dying?
See the Leaves
Laser Hands
Ego’s Last Stand
Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung
What is the Light?
The Observer

Race for the Prize
Do You Realize??

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  1. Great photos, it was truly a memorable night.

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