Shows: Evanescence

by Jennifer Murtha

Stating that it had been 7 years since they had played in Austin, Amy Lee of Evanescence questioned why to the roaring crowd at Stubbs. It was obvious that even though they had not visited people still loved them and showed that by lining up very, very early that afternoon to see them rock. Sounding amazing, Lee took the stage and commanded the attention of everyone despite being shrouded in low light and tons of smoke. Playing through a nice mix of songs, hopefully the band will return sooner this time especially after the response from the extremely loud, cheering crowd.

What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Weight of the World
Made of Stone
Lost in Paradise
My Heart Is Broken
Sweet Sacrifice
The Change
Call Me When You’re Sober
Bring Me to Life

Your Star
My Immortal

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