Shows: James Durbin

by Jennifer Murtha

Rocker James Durbin started off the night at Stubbs for Evanescence. The American Idol finalist played to a very large crowd who showed up early to cheer him on during his set. Playing through songs off his first album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, that was released in November and awesomely covering Rainbow in the Dark by Dio.


  1. LL says:

    I was there towards the back middle, James and his guys were incredible! Was very surprised.

  2. Joanne .. Durb #1235 says:

    Fantastic photos!!! I have no doubt James and his band were incredible and totally rocked the house here. If you are close enough to see them in concert live… you have to go and you wont be disappointed. Otherwise, buy their new album ‘Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster’.. it totally Rocks!!

  3. Joanne Villasana says:

    I was there right upfront hugging the barricades! James, Dylan, Blake, Ty and Jeff were breathtaking! Incredible! Amazing! I could go on throwing words out there but the truth is there are no words that can describe how rocking they were! They were on fire!!!! Burned down that stage! <3

  4. Wendy Liu says:

    Awesome photos! But I like to point out actually it’s “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio, not “Like a Rainbow”. Thanks!

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