Shows: Exes of Evil & Ghostwolf

by Jennifer Murtha

When the lineup for the 311 Caribbean Cruise was announced, I was excited to find out that I’d be getting to experience Exes of Evil live. Hooked since hearing their first EP Love back in 2010, this project between Evan Anderson and Ryan Siegel is really something fun and magical. With the addition of a full band including Bobby Dee, Dan Ellis and Kenny Lane Schwartz, the songs sounded fantastic live and it was hard to fight the urge to dance instead of stand still to shoot photos.

Both artists have teamed up with SA Martinez (311) to create the talented trio called Ghostwolf. The 10-track album, Lunar Halos, was released in January (featuring Aaron Wills of 311 on the bass) and was full of super catchy songs that quickly were stuck in my head and the album was added into heavy rotation on my iPod. As with the EXOE tracks, the Ghostwolf songs were just amazing live.

Hearing of the possibility that there will be a small tour featuring both bands, I can only hope they make their way down to Texas so I can experience it all over again.

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