Shows: Full Service

by Jennifer Murtha

Austin is full of fantastically talented bands, but not all of them will invite you over for a show in their backyard. Full Service will. Being lucky enough to get to see them fairly often since we reside in the same city, I was excited that they were once again playing the 311 Caribbean Cruise.

So much fun live, and as usual they took the stage with tons of energy at each show. It was obvious while walking through the ship and seeing a ton of Full Service shirts and headbands that they have really made an impact that is well deserved. From their witty banter between songs to their impromptu acoustic shows, this band creates amazing songs while staying down to earth while their fan base quickly grows. Always eager to chat with fans and take photos, they are truly a group of quality men who know how to have a great time.

Be sure to get their latest release Home Is Where the Yard Is, Vol. 2 now on iTunes.

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